How confident are YOU?

Confident people have natural magnetism, and they can be identified almost immediately when they enter a room. They walk with buoyancy, stand with dignity, speak with conviction, and love with passion. They know where they have been, where they are going, and why. They believe in their abilities to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and achieve goals. Confident people inspire trust and gain the support and loyalty of their families, friends, bosses, clients, and even strangers.

You want to be that kind of person!

But you will not become that person if you are slouched in a corner or if you are the one who always complains about having bad luck. And it sure won’t come to the one who gives up after a few feeble attempts.

Help comes to the aggressive, risk-taking, goal-minded, target-facing, principled adventurer!

Is that you? Then this book has been written for you!

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About Dr.Ron Ross

Ron Ross, B.A., M.Div., Th.D., is a publisher, author, speaker, columnist, and broadcaster who lives in Loveland, CO, USA.

“Entertaining and inspiring” is how audiences describe Ron Ross, author of Confidence When You Need it the Most and other books.

He grew up in a parsonage, served as a missionary in Africa, and is an ordained Christian minister.

He has travelled the world, writes a weekly newspaper column, publishes a weekly newspaper, trains new publishers, hosts a weekly AM radio show, has authored several books, and is a blogger and podcaster.

He reads voraciously, writes daily, and speaks with strength, wit, and charm.

He was married to the same lovely lady for over 52 years. He lives in Loveland, Colorado. For more information visit

Ron Ross, B.A., M.Div., D.Th.

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